Did you get a Kindle for Christmas, yet have a preference for the written page rather than the written e-ink display? Well, one store in Portland, US, is offering a trade-in service where you can swap your Amazon Kindle, old or new, for its equivalent worth in good, old fashioned books. No, really.

Microcosm Publishing book and zine store poo-poos the Kindle, calling it "soulless faux-literary technology" and is therefore trying to get its customers to trade in their Christmas Kindles for paper books and zines: "Why let fad technology kill print when you can take a stand and fill up your shelves in the process," says the shop on its dedicated webpage at microcosmpublishing.com.

It also recommends that those foolish enough to actually want to take up on its offer should "make sure to bring a friend to help you carry all your loot". As most of its books are priced between $2 and $6, you could be leaving with a wheelbarrow full when swapped for a $139 or $189 Kindle.

What Microcosm will be doing with all of the Kindles it acquires, we don't know. Maybe there'll be a reverse offer next year, although with its mantra of "thanks for helping to keep print alive", Pocket-lint doubts it.

What do you think? Is print better than e-ink devices, regardless of the amount of trees it pulps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...