If you've got a load of old games lying around that you just don't play anymore, and you can't be bothered going through the whole eBay process, then Amazon may just have the solution for you.

The world's largest online retailer has just announced the beta launch of the Video Games Trade-In Store, where you'll be able to swap your unwanted games for Amazon credit.

“Trading-in with Amazon.co.uk is quick and easy, providing customers with a great way to exchange their old games and save money on future purchases”, said Chris Poad, director of video games at Amazon.co.uk.

“It’s a hassle-free experience with Amazon paying for postage and putting a Gift Card straight into the customer’s account once the item is received”.

You'll see how much you'll get for your games before committing and you send them in to a free-post address using a pre-printed delivery label.

We've had a quick look at the sort of money you'll get for various titles, and although it's less than an auction on eBay might raise, there are no fees and there's no chance of Amazon lying about the item not showing up.

For example: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 will earn you £9, Fifa 11 on the Xbox 360 gets £18.68 and Epic Mickey on the Wii pays £20.63.

Check out how much your old games could raise at Amazon today.