Amazon has updated its iOS app to version 1.2.8, with the most significant addition being a new barcode scanner.

The barcode scanner works along exactly the same lines as similar apps, such as Red Laser, but instead of giving you a range of results, the scanner returns only Amazon hits.

But hey, we would hardly expect Amazon to be advertising goods from rival sites, and the app is free of charge, so it's a handy way of finding exactly what you want from Amazon's massive catalogue.

If you're not familiar with Red Laser, or other bar-code based apps, then let us explain how the process works.

The app simply uses your iPhone's camera to open up a viewer, in which you place the barcode between two lines and, voila, the app does its thing.

It's really simple, and really useful if you quickly want to compare a price when you're out and about to what Amazon is offering it for.

The Amazon app is in the App Store and, as mentioned, won't cost you a penny. Well, not until you go overboard buying books and DVDs that is.

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