Amazon is in talks with various media organisations with a view to offering VOD-lovers an all-you-can eat buffet of streaming video.

The proposed service would rival the likes of Netflix, who currently offer subscription-based services, and would see Amazon massively expand its digital download options. Currently Amazon's Video On Demand works on a pay as you play basis.

Reports have surfaced that suggest that the Seattle based company is in talks with broadcasters such as Time Warner, Viacom, NBC and CBS over the move.

It's thought that if the service does go live then the content available in the unlimited deals will be slightly older, with media companies unlikely to want their newer titles included in the line-up.

Reports suggest that the subscription service may be incorporated into the Amazon Prime deal - thus giving the e-retail giant a big client base right from the off.

The news breaks as Apple is rumoured to be on course to launch a revamped version of its own VOD service, Apple TV (or iTV as it may come to be known), and it's also suggested that Sony is looking to get in on the action too.

With Google TV on the horizon (and more possible YouTube premium offerings) and services like the iPlayer, Netflix, Lovefilm and Acetrax all enjoying success, the video-on-demand industry is definitely a booming area.

It will be fascinating to see if there proves to be room for all of these players in the market, and if not - which media giants will emerge victorious.

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