Amazon has launched a new grocery arm to its empire, in a move that is bound to have an impact on the online businesses of traditional food-shopping retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, and online only retailer Ocado. 

The new service can be found via a dedicated branch of the usual Amazon site and a quick browse shows that not only are traditional brands like Kellogg's, Cadbury and Walkers available, foreign products are on the menu as well.

There's also a heavy emphasis on buying in bulk - giving the grocery service a bit of a cash and carry feel.

"’s aim is to be the place where customers can find and discover any product they want to buy online, and with the introduction of this new store there are thousands of household, niche, ethnic and international grocery items, all available at the click of a button", said James Leeson, director of grocery at

"With unlimited virtual shelf space, customers can choose from a wide variety of products, all of which benefit from free delivery. We will work tirelessly to increase the selection of grocery items available to be delivered directly to customers’ doors".

You can take advantage of all the usual Amazon delivery options including free super saver delivery or free next day delivery if you're an Amazon Prime customer.

They've stuck a beta tag on the service, although we think this is just to show that it is in its infancy, rather than meaning you might find a few bugs with the site.

Have a look at the products available for yourself and let us know what you think. Should Tesco and co. be worried, or is Amazon operating outside its comfort zone? And are the prices any good? Use the comments below to give us your thoughts.