Adobe has launched a major upgrade to its page layout programme, InDesign.

InDesign CS4 introduces new features that Adobe says will "enable smoother workflows, productive collaboration, and reliable delivery of interactive documents for online or offline publishing".

The new Live Preflight feature helps users to identify any potential production problems with their project in real time from within the layout, and directs them to the problem area to resolve it.

A customisable Links panel also enables users to find, sort, and manage placed files in a document and view attributes such as scale, resolution and rotation.

The new release also allows designers to combine InDesign with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional to create rich, dynamic documents. Designers will now be able to export an InDesign document as an XFL file and then open it in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional to add interactivity, animation, and navigation.

Alternatively, designers can create interactive brochures, dynamic presentations, and other online materials by adding page transitions, interactive buttons, and hyperlinks to documents and then exporting them as SWF files – for playback by the Adobe Flash Player – or interactive PDF files.

Other new features include some that aim to simplify the writing and production of long documents, and the introduction of InDesign Markup Languages (IDML).

This is an open, extensible XML representation of InDesign documents that allows third-party developers to programmatically create, modify and deconstruct InDesign documents outside InDesign using standard XML editing tools.

Adobe InDesign CS4 will be available in October for around £595, while InCopy - if required - will be an extra £199.

For more detailed information about features, upgrade policies, pricing, head over to the Adobe website.