If you use Adobe's Digital Negative file format (DNG) for your photos, and have upgraded your PC to Windows Vista, you may have had trouble viewing your pictures through the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery.

Adobe have now released a downloadable DNG Codec that should allow you to view them without any problems.

The codec has a "release candidate" label applied to it, meaning the codec includes all of the intended features and is well tested but will not be released as a finished product until the community is able to help ensure that a larger set of hardware and software configurations are used with the Codec.

DNG, a royalty-free RAW image format, was first introduced by Adobe in 2004 as a response to demand for a unifying camera raw file format.

Since its release many camera manufacturers, from Casio to Pentax, have integrated support for the format into their camera models.

To download the codec, visit the Adobe Labs website.