Adobe is the latest company to launch an iPhone app, according to an announcement on Friday.

The free app, currently only available in US and Canadian iTunes stores, will allow users to edit their photos, apply effect and share images from their phone via the company's offering.

“Now, with access to powerful editing and sharing tools, iPhone users are armed with the resources to document all of life’s unexpected moments, make them look their best and then re-live those memories with friends and family", said the company in a statement.

Using your finger, would be digital artists will be able to touch up, crop, rotate and flip their photos as well as adjust colour, saturation, tint, exposure and vibrancy, and convert them to black and white.

The app also offers a Sketch tool that promises to help photos look like drawings, and Soft Focus can give photos a subtle blur for artistic effect say Adobe.

Hoping to take on services like Flickr, which has a high iPhone user base, Adobe has given the app the ability to view images stored on, which currently comes with 2GB of free storage.

As for a global roll out? Adobe told Pocket-lint that it was unable to comment on whether the Photoshop for iPhone app would be coming to the UK or other iTunes stores around the world.

We will keep you posted.