In an expose, journos over at Reuters are claiming that a security flaw in Adobe's server software means that web surfers can get hold of free movies.

The server software is used by the likes of Amazon to deliver content to customers for its video on demand service.

However, despite claims from Adobe, the team found that a flaw means that users can actually get "free access to record and copy" movies.

Says Reuters: "The problem exposes online video content to the rampant piracy that plagued the music industry during the Napster era and is undermining efforts by retailers, movie studios and television networks to cash in on a huge Web audience".

"Adobe is committed to the security of all of our products, from our players to our server software. Adobe invests a considerable amount of ongoing effort to help protect users from potential vulnerabilities", Adobe said in a statement.

It added that it also sent out a security bulletin to its customers earlier this month to encourage them to use a feature that will verify the validity of video players.

Amazon is also in denial about the flaw, according to the news service, despite the Reuters team successfully recording movies.

It claims it was able to do this because when Amazon shows a 2 minute preview of a movie - the whole film is downloaded - so that the customer can immediately start watching once they have paid the fee.

Software available on the web allows capture of the film at this stage.