Support for the Nikon D700 and D90 DSLRs and also fixes for a number of bugs are amongst the changes Adobe has introduced with the first update of Lightroom 2.0.

First and foremost - Version 2.1 fixes several "stability and high severity bugs".

This include a glitch that could make Lightroom crash when switching to or from the web module on Windows Vista 64.

Also, Adobe has now fixed problems that could see a spinning ball when snappers tried to select a custom camera profile or use auto-white balance.

It adds that there was also a problem when preference files pointing to missing catalogs could prevent Lightroom from progressing past the registration dialogue, and this has now been fixed as well as the errors that could occur when attempting to create a virtual copy with a computer that has a processor that is not SSE2 enabled.

Adobe adds: "When a DNG file was selected for export to a derivative TIFF file and it is added to the catalog at export there was a possibility that one of the files could be treated as a sidecar within Lightroom such that deleting one file deletes both" - but this has now been fixed.

Adobe has also dealt with a number of "performance" bugs.

It explains: "Attempting to import a large number of images that already exist within the Lightroom catalogue could cause significant performance delays".

As well as this, there were problem with the image counts that appear next to each folder, and the "three dot" indicator in the grid view.

Adobe adds also that the Mac 64-bit version did not have SSE2 optimisation, causing reduced rendering speeds, and memory leaks in the Library and Develop modules decreased Lightroom performance.

Version 2.1 also includes keyword and metadata fixes, as well as bugs with how Lightroom "communicated" with Photoshop.

There are, however, some issues Adobe is still trying to fix.

It explains: "Catalogues with hundreds of root (top level) folders can cause very slow launch times. We are currently testing a fix for this but need more time to evaluate it".

But advises: "As a workaround, try right-clicking a root folder and choosing 'Add Parent Folder' until the number of folders at the left-most level of the Folders hierarchy is significantly reduced".

As well as the fixes, Adobe has added support for the Fujifilm Finepix IS Pro, Nikon D700, Nikon D90 and Nikon Coolpix P6000.

The update is available for download now.