Adobe has announced a new version of its Adobe Premiere software for the PC on Tuesday that promises to make editing video easier than previous versions.

The new software, which will be available as a bundle with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 also announced today, has been, say Adobe, refined and streamlined as well as getting new features along the way.

New to the software package, that will cost around £70 when it becomes available in September, will be an InstantMovie option that supposedly does all the hard work for you. The new press once button will grab your footage, work to a predetermined script created by a Hollywood script writer (probably when he was supposed to be striking) and then coordinate music, titles, effects and transitions to make it look good.

If the instant option isn't for you, users will see an improved cataloguing system that allows you to tag video footage so you can find stuff quickly as well as allowing you to edit in AVCHD, the new format used by the latest camcorders.

Like Adobe Elements, Adobe has continued to take the stance that you'll have no idea how to use a camcorder and therefore offers a new image stabiliser tool to try and fix shaky Blair Witch style recordings.

Also new to the package is a chromo key esque technology called Video merge that lets you extract your moving subject from a solid colour background and then drop it into a new setting as if you really were Superman flying over your home city/town/village/hamlet.

Finally Adobe says it's now added the ability to drown out your words, screams or general chit chat with the latest James Blunt song with a new technology called SmartSound that automatically adjusts music to match the length of your movie. Yes you are beautiful.