Adobe has now launched the second full version of its Lightroom photo organising and editing software package.

The Lightroom 2.0 Beta will expire on 31 August but Adobe says that it was downloaded more than 100,000 times in 6 weeks, and responses from the testers have all gone towards the new, full version.

There have been changes made to the workflow, developing tools and the final output that you see.

In terms of how images are processed using Lightroom, Adobe claims to have simplified the organisational tools in the library, and also how you view your volumes of images.

It has added a Smart Collections tool, which basically allows photographers to set certain parameters, or search criteria from their images' metadata, and then Lightroom will automatically create collections.

You also now get keyword suggestions, to save you time when typing in metadata, and an improved keyword list.

Sticking with metadata, there is now a Metadata SDK for custom metadata.

Also worth a mention in terms of workflow is the new dual monitor support, and 64-bit Native on Macs and on PCs running Windows.

The editing tools have also been improved with a local adjustment brush or gradient filter for exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, sharpening and custom toning.

Adobe has added support for new camera profiling technology.

And last up are changes to the final results and what you do with your images including an option to export your image slideshows to JPEG, an enhanced colour selection dialogue, and output sharpening.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 is available now through the Adobe Store for £175 for new users with an upgrade price of £69 for registered qualifying Lightroom customers.