Adobe has announced with Qualcomm, the phone chip manufacturer, that it will be embedding its Flash technology directly onto chips what will go into mobile phones.

“iPhone has raised the bar, now lets see what the Flash community see what they can do,” said Andrew Gilbert from Qualcomm.

The news, announced at Qualcomm’s BREW conference in San Diego, will mean mobile phones featuring the chips will be able to play Flash videos as well as have more graphical interfaces without needing a high-end spec.

"Flash developers to create standalone applications that integrate mobile device functionality with Web content and services", said the companies in a statement.

Flash designers and developers can use Adobe's existing Flash development tools, including Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Adobe Device Central CS3 and other popular tools in Adobe Creative Suite 3, to deploy rich Flash-based applications.

"This combination provides exciting opportunities for operators, device manufacturers, publishers and developers to create advanced devices, applications and services for the mass market with features typically only available on high-end devices", said Bob Briggs, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Internet Services.

The first release of BREW Mobile Platform with Adobe Flash technology is expected to be available on Qualcomm chipsets in the fall of 2008.