Adobe today has announced the launch of its latest Elements packages - Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Adobe Premiere Elements 4.

The two products, which will cost £69.99 each or £99.99 for the two in a bundle pack, aim to move the series on with a host of new features.

Both applications now take on the Adobe Lightroom interface complete with charcoal grey colours and Adobe say they have worked hard to allow customers of the two packages to access content, be it photos or video clips, from one convenient place, no matter what package you are using.

New to Photoshop Elements is a Smart Album feature that works like Apple's Operating System allowing you to create "Smart" folders that are automatically updated.

The information will work off the metadata on a camera allowing you to organise pictures taken with certain cameras, lenses, or other information.

Other features include better cropping functionality, the ability to edit pictures and most scarily of all replace people's faces with others all by a click of a button.

For the newbie to photo editing, Adobe has also added a useful guide written we are told in simple English to show you what can be done to your pictures and why its being done to fix them.

Adobe has also said that the new package will get more web gallery functionality including the option to auto build flash galleries without having to know any programming.

Available currently only on the PC, an Adobe spokesman implied that Photoshop Elements for Mac would be announcing at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco.

Premiere Elements 4 will get the same Smart Album feature and improved and added themes. There will also be a bigger focus on sharing content with other devices compared to version 3, included a one click export button to YouTube and HD support, although only Blu-ray.

Both packages are due out this month.