Adobe has released the first details of its new online photo album software, Photoshop Express, at Photoshop World.

The information, posted on one of the company's blogs details how the free application, that allows people to share and edit photos online, will work.

"I can't share a ton of additional detail at the moment, but here's a screenshot of the app in action", said John Nack on the official adobe blog. "Adobe Sr. VP John Loiacono showed that it was possible to adjust an image just by rolling over the different versions shown at the top, previewing the results & then clicking the desired degree of modification."

The online only application was first hinted by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen 6 months ago and is, according to Adobe, designed to sit next to Photoshop Elements and its Photoshop CS3 offering rather than replace them.

Like similar offerings from Kodak, Flickr, and other photo sharing sites the application will cater for people wanting to share images with others away from their computer.

Earlier this year, Adobe introduced Premiere Express, a free, Flash-based online video editor for creating mash-ups and remixes.