Adobe Photoshop CS3's interface will look a bit like Adobe After Effects 7, according to sources reporting to Mac blog site Think Secret.

The new look will feature better palette organisation with the ability to move all palettes into a single icon, as well as dedicated brightness adjustment for the interface itself.

The sources also say that Live Filters is one new feature that improves workflow as well as raw performance, bringing dynamic editing from Layer Styles to Filters.

The rumours also include news that non-destructive editing has been improved, so that layers can be saved as smart objects on which new editable filters can be applied.

Sources have also revealed to Think Secret that 3D objects can be imported and textures modified; video support has been enhanced; and a new Device Library contains listings for many phones and portable devices so that designers can check how their design will be viewed on screens of various shapes and sizes.

The same sources said that the release most probably won't come until March or April 2007.