Adobe has released a new audio software, dubbed Soundbooth, for the web designers and video editors.

Soundbooth gives designers visually-oriented tools for creating and editing audio and fixing common flaws. Adobe is inviting professionals to download the free beta in order to gain insight into its effectiveness and ease of use.

The software's innovation is that it gives editors without training in sound production to tools to create pristine audio through recording and editing. It's tightly integrated with Macromedia Flas and Premier Pro, so that removing noise and polishing voice-overs is easy to do.

“Adobe Soundbooth is a completely new, highly intuitive audio creation and editing toolset designed to accelerate the integration of sound into video and Flash workflows”, said Jim Guerard, VP and general manager of Dynamic Media at Adobe. “Our customers asked us to make Soundbook cross-platform because so many creative shops rely on both Macs and Windows-based PCs.”

The link to download is after the jump.