Adobe has announced a new version of Acrobat Professional, which is integrated into its Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium, and has replaced GoLive with Dreamweaver software in the suite.

“Acrobat 8 Professional enables printer to achieve better quality while automating workflows and controlling costs, and together with the recently released Adobe PDF Print Engine, delivers the first end-to-end native PDF workflow”, said Mark Hilton, vice president of product management.

The updated software now outputs PDF/X-4 for native transparency support, as well as PDF/A for long-term archiving. Users can participate in a new shared reviews feature, as well as in email-and web-based reviews.

Adobe has said that although Dreamweaver is replacing GoLive in the Creative Suite, GoLive will still be developed and marketed as a standalone program.

Creative Suite 2.3 will cost $1199 for the full Premium version, $159 for an upgrade from Creative Suite 2 Premium, and $549 for an upgrade from Creative Suite 1x Premium and Standard.