Adobe is still unready to release its Lightroom imaging workflow solution, and has instead offered a third Beta version.

From feedback generated by beta testers, Adobe has implemented some tweaks to improve the test version.

Beta 3 adds features to give greater control over export size and resolution, refine metadata selection with print output and RGB value readouts for greater editing precision.

New features include Before and After preview tools and a History that allows users to preview and track changes.

A dedicated Web module provides web content editing and live previews of HTML and Flash output.

An additional Straighten tool helps to correct camera angle issues, while Auto Import or Hot Folder support lets users automatically add images to the Library from a specified directory.

Additional RAW support has been added so that 120 files can now be manipulated in Lightroom.

The Beta version is a canny way for Adobe to tap in to a knowledgebase of photographers with real imaging workflow needs that can't fully be understood by engineers and developers in the early stages of creating image software.