Adobe has released a statement clearly detailing its position on the use of the "save as PDF" function in Office that has caused controversy in recent weeks.

It both reaffirms its working relationship with Microsoft and condemns Microsoft's tendency to use its power to "undermine cross platform technologies".

It also clearly states that Adobe has not decided to take legal action against Microsoft.

The statement reads, in part: "While much of the press coverage to date has centered on disputes over PDF and XPS (a competitive technology to PDF) in MS Office and Vista, the real issue is the protection of open standards.

"Adobe is committed to open standards. Adobe publishes the complete PDF specification and makes it available for free, without restrictions, without royalties, to anyone who cares to use it."

It continues: "While the specification is available publicly, customers expect Adobe to ensure that the format does not become fragmented and that competing implementations of PDF do not undermine what customers have come to expect in terms of reliable viewing and printing of PDF documents across platforms and browsers".

"Microsoft has demonstrated a practice of using its monopoly power to undermine cross platform technologies and constrain innovation that threatens its monopolies."

"Adobe's concern is that Microsoft will fragment and possibly degrade existing and established standards, including PDF, while using its monopoly power to introduce Microsoft-controlled alternatives—such as XPS."

"The long-term impact of this kind of behavior is that consumers are ultimately left with fewer choices."