Adobe today has launched Photoshop Elements 3.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements allowing greater connectivity between storing and editing pictures and video.

Available as separate products, Adobe Elements 3.0 will incorporate Adobe's album software Photoshop album into its fold while Premiere Elements is a cut down version of Adobe's professional package Premiere.

New features in Elements include the ability to share photos with friends and family that include framed photos right within an e-mail; dynamic slideshows that include music and special effect transitions; and access to high quality photo prints via easy-to-use online print services although this service won't be available at launch for UK customers (we've been told however to expect an announcement soon).

Photoshop Elements 3.0 also adds new editing solutions, including one-click fixes that quickly enhance photos, as well as more sophisticated editing tools that allow people to remove imperfections, transform photos with effects and filters and correct colour and lighting.

Both packages will cost £69.99 and be available for both the Apple Mac and Windows platforms