These Photoshoppers have hilariously reimagined famous partners

We're not sure the Boy Wonder would be as good at tracking their prey, but at least his masked appearance matches that of his new partner.  (image credit: Mandrak/Design Crowd)
We're not sure the rapper would have been as popular on the silent move scene, but he certainly has the larger-than-life personality to be entertaining. (image credit: ribjoint/Design Crowd)
Although the Joker might not have been Batman's partner, it's certainly hilarious to imagine what might happen if he was the Caped Crusader's arch-nemesis.  (image credit: Worth1000 User/Design Crowd)
Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes has had his trusty sidekick and serious business partner Dr Watson swapped with the swanky Austin Powers. (image credit: KMATH71/Design Crowd)
Mickey Mouse is his usual cheery self and is utterly pleased to be teaming up with Mario. (image credit: BOBASO/Design Crowd)
Imagine the inane conversations these two would have. (image credit: Val Koleva/Design Crowd)
Ruh-roh--RAGGY!!! Scooby Doo, the amateur Great Dane detective has been replaced by another famous cartoon pooch in the form of Pluto - Mickey Mouse's pet dog.  (image credit: alessandroevge/Design Crowd)
This one is not just a partner swap, but also a film cross over. With Chris Tucker from Rush Hour fame and Owen Wilson from Shanghai Knights being teamed up.  (image credit: Funkypickle/Design Crowd)
Will Smith would certainly bring an amusing extra dose of charisma to Finding Nemo.  (image credit: Rlovring/Design Crowd)
Imagine X-Files but with David Duchovny's Mulder being replaced by a much more serious looking Clint Eastwood.  (image credit: nebfronet/Design Crowd)
Just remember, he's not getting on a damned plane fool.  (image credit: sizeuk/Design Crowd)
Here Obelix's loveable pup Dogmatix has been replaced with Garfield's dopey four-legged pal Odie. (image credit: 1passible/Design Crowd)
We have to admit Minions would be an amusing fit in the Monster's universe.  (image credit: margin/Design Crowd)