(Pocket-lint) - If you've been holding out for the Black Friday sales to upgrade your photo editing software, the time to capitalize is now - Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 is receiving a limited-time price reduction, taking it from $99.99 to $59.99.

The latest upgrade to its Photoshop line is available through the Microsoft Store until December 3, and, as one of the few Adobe products that doesn't require a subscription, the temporary discount makes it even more affordable. You simply pay for the latest installment and get to enjoy access indefinitely. 

• Shop the 40% discount on the Microsoft Store

So, what exactly does Photoshop Elements 2021 actually give you? Well, the core of the program is simplifying your photo editing, with advanced AI and Guided Edits allowing you to transform images into GIFs, remove haze, replace the sky, move and resize objects, add text and graphics with ease and much more.

Since the software only debuted in October, it's a great opportunity to cash in and get the latest Adobe has to offer without being tied in long-term. And Photoshop Elements can pretty much be used by all levels of photo editor, whether you're a casual who wants slightly more control over you album or your work routinely involves reworking stills.

As we say, though, you'll have to act relatively fast in order to take advantage. Since the sale is only available through the Microsoft Store at present, too, there's no indication whether there's a limited number available, and it could represent your last chance to pick up a discount - and a very solid one, at that - this year.


Writing by Conor Allison.