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(Pocket-lint) - There's a nifty creative competition over at Design Crowd that encourage entrants to create works of art that add a 3D effect to traditional images to make things "happen outside the borders".

We've covered various different Photoshop competitions in the past but this one is unusual as it sees artists creating some surreal art that really boggles and delights the mind. 

hwijnholds/Disney PixarThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 3


We've seen some pretty nifty adverts over the years, but this one imagines what it might be like if the characters from the Disney Pixar flick Up had somehow managed to spill out of a poster and into the real world.

doehlmanThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 4

Fish out of water

This entry for the out of bounds competition seemingly shows a proud fishing enthusiast bursting out of the frame of his Polaroid photo. What we like about it though is the normal-sized hand trying to grab the giant (or is it tiny?) fish while really confusing out brain's concept of perspective. 

The wet t-shirt also helps to sell the image, with the man emerging from the depths of the waters with his catch. 

csniteThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 5

Bridge to nowhere

In this Photoshopped image a large bridge can be seen bursting through it's 2D frame into a 3D plane. Seemingly leading to nowhere or perhaps a magical land within the frame with vehicles travelling back and forth along the confines of its inner space. 


underworth/Eugene de BlaasThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 6

The Serenade

In 1910, Eugene de Blaas painted this image titled The Serenade. It showed a group of familiar figures (who regularly appeared in his work) talking and being serenaded by a man sitting on a wall. 

Photoshop artist Underworth reimagined this image for the out of bounds competition and positioned some of the women outside the frame of the painting while seeming still taking to those within. 

monulienaThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 7

Kids and kittens

Another classic oil painting seen merging with a different reality. Here two young kids are seen playing with two small kittens. Both casually resting against the oil canvas that once held them back from moving but now they've seemingly broken free to enjoy their antics. 

Daniela D/HAYEZ, FrancescoThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 2

The Kiss

The original oil painting, The Kiss ("Il Bacio") by Francesco Hayez, was crafted in 1859 and depicted a couple embracing with a passionate kiss. It's seen as one of the most passionate images in Western art. 

Reimagined by Daniela D for the Design Crowd competition, it seems to show the man trapped in the frame while his lover kissed him from the outside in the middle of an art museum. This looks like something out of a modern fantasy film, rather than a centuries-old artwork. 

pxleyesThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 8

Milking it

Here, the lady pouring milk can be seen chatting on a nearby phone which inexplicably has stretched into the oil painting. Milk, which we can only assume is not drinkable, is also seen spilling out of the painting wonderfully. 

Worth1000 UserThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 9

A painting within a painting

We enjoy this entry to the competition as it doesn't simply see a oil painting spilling into the "real" world but instead sees an oil painting within an oil painting. Creating a magical view of an elderly man and a boy looking on at another man in the frame who is staring off into the distance himself. 

glotobarmThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 10

Pumpkin escape

For a special Halloween outing of the out of bounds competition, Photoshopper glotobarm set to work making this dodgy-looking pumpkin burst through the walls of this old painting. Certainly eerie enough to disturb the original cast of the painting. 

aheadmonThat's thinking outside the photo frame! photo 11

Classic Greeks

Another classic oil painting magnificently tweaked using Photoshop. Here, not only is the young man seen exiting the frame but also a nearby barking dog also appears to be conjured from the frame below its feet. All in the middle of an art gallery. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 13 August 2020.