(Pocket-lint) - We've all been there, right? You go to bed a little hungry, and drift away to find yourself in a dream-world where everything's edible. Maybe it's just us, but walls made of cheese and chairs made of chocolate are just the start of our culinary fantasies.

Luckily, we can prove we're not going crazy with these ideas - there's a whole school of image manipulation out there, dedicated to making our dreams a reality. Okay, not a reality, but at least photorealistic. 

Photoshop can make truly majestic creations, and it can also makes houses of out broccoli. Unlike some of our other lists, we're not looking at bad Photoshop jobs, here. We've gathered together a great selection of photos for your browsing pleasure, all of them showing off architecture blended with food to make amazing edible creations. 


He lives in a pineapple

We start our gallery with possibly our favourite image in it - a pineapple, lovingly changed into a sort of tall, narrow house. It reminds us of the Burrow, home to the Weasley family in the Harry Potter series. Except, obviously, fruitier. The birds nesting atop it are a lovely touch.


A dark and stormy night

At the opposite end of the spectrum this dismal image feels like it appropriately sums up what it would be like to live in a giant, exposed mushroom during a rain storm. The sag of the fungus gives it a decaying feel, while the way the rain drops are lit up as they hit the rooves is delightful. 


Over and under

This everyday scene from a world distinctly unlike our own is charming. We like to imagine that the ladybird here is taking on the role of either a pet dog or a lawnmower, depending on your perspective.

Meanwhile, the cavern below that lawn is enticing and warm-looking. It's all been blended together with consummate skill. 

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Bread takes its place as one of the more appetising substitutes for wood and concrete in this list. We'd love to walk up to this cabin and take a bit our of its beams, although they're probably pretty stale by now. The cracker that forms the well's roof is a cute addition. 



We're not sure that these apple-dwellings would actually be able to stand stable like they are in this image, but we like the composition of the piece. They look for all the world like alien dwellings, while that wind turbine is an intriguing hint as to a power source. 


Broccoli is good for you

We knew broccoli would come good at some point, and the saturated green-ness of this image has us in mind of a Dr Seuss book or similar. It's a transporting collage, and we're intrigued to know what life would be like inside that stem. 


Eggs for breakfast

These houses are more like something out of Lewis Carroll's imagination - perhaps they're the respective homes of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, for example.

Including a real dog gives an otherworldly weirdness that the scene already had in spades. For bonus points, see how many butterflies you can count. 


Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew

This potato might have landed deep in Fangorn Forest from The Lord of the Rings, for all the twisted roots and blocked-out light that the image suggests. Still, it looks homey and familial, while that rooftop pagoda looks like the perfect place to relax. 


Life's peachy

Maybe James should have lived in the Giant Peach more permanently, like this image suggests. The homes have something of a rural English cottage about them, while that postbox is a sweet reminder of the mundanity of life even for someone living in a peach. 


Don't sit on this toadstool

We imagine that that front door would have to open up onto a steep spiral staircase to get up to the main house in this toadstool. All of the moss, and that distant sunset, make this an alluring and quaint scene. 


A pear-fect home

Everything's gone a bit pear-shaped for this house, and we think that the horse looking back with confusion sums it up pretty nicely. That said, it's got a heck of a front door, and the smoke coming from the chimney makes it look welcoming to a degree. 


Magic mushroom

That realistic spider has a lovely home in the form of this mushroom, although a windchime made of skulls makes it feel positive haunted. In fact, the miniature pumpkin is a hint that this house might be perfect for a Halloween party. 

Stoil Vatev

Cliffside dwellings

These fruits have a mythical feel to them because of the hue of the sky and light used, and that large dung beetle to the right looks an awful lot like it could be a steed to the figure in the centre.

It looks like the sort of place a reclusive monk would live, or someone who doesn't want to be found. 


An apple a day

There's quite a lot going on here, from the houseproud hamster watering its flowers to the hummingbird who may well be a mail officer delivering letters. Behind it all that massive, red apple sits as a handsome house, completel with flowerpots by the entrance. 


Ripe for the living

One of our very favourite images in the collection, these blueberries look ripe to burst, but also perfect to form a sort of hanging village, connected by walkways and making round homes to their inhabitants. It looks like a peaceful existence, even if the risk of falling would be ever-present. 



We really like the way that these doors and windows look like they've been carved into the flesh of the tomatoes, although the impending doom of the little hamlet is a bit distressing. Still, the little storyline presented by that caterpillar defending his home is a sweet feature of the composition. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.