Amusing images of cartoon characters in Photoshopped into Renaissance paintings

The original painting from 1760 by Francois Boucher has been reimagined with a Snow White vibe complete with cute birds in place of the roses.  (image credit: aards2/Francois Boucher)
John the Baptist was painted posing with a smile similar to Mona Lisa. Later the image was reimagined with the likeness of Disney's Tarzan.  (image credit: SaBotagEBR/Leonardo da Vinci)
We bet Bouguereau never imagined Calvin & Hobbes would make an appearance on his art in future.   (image credit: Worth1000 User/William-Adolphe Bouguereau)
In 1506, Italian painter Raphael crafted an image of a woman sitting with a Unicorn. Now rieimagined with Belle and the Beast in the Design Crowd competition.  (image credit: miu4ppl3/Raphael)
We bet you've never seen Mona Lisa in such a sassy light. (image credit: camee/Leonardo da Vinci)
American Gothic is once again seen reimagined with another cartoon couple. This time Wilma and Fred Flintstone are seen in the place of the original pair. (image credit: frank1956)
In 1610, Italian painter Caravaggio crafted an oil painting depicting David sadly holding the severed head of the slain Goliath. Now Mario is there instead. (image credit: Astridala/Caravaggio)
Rembrandt is well-known for creating self-portraits. Now in place of the Dutch artist, we see Eric Cartman from Southpark. (image credit: HermesConrad)
The classic dogs playing poker has been brilliantly enhanced with the addition of Family Guy's Brian Griffin. (image credit: Bufort/Design Crowd)
Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" dates all the way back to 1484. The addition of a rather smug Squidward Tentacles is certainly very different.  (image credit: kaiser77/Design Crowd)
This classic painting by Raphael originally showed Baldassare Castiglione, the count of Casatico. Now we see the likeness of Rick Sanchez. (image credit: imdannyhill/Design Crowd)
We'd imagine Boop's creator Max Fleischer never envisioned her clambering over the bodies of France's enemies.  (image credit: tysambouille/Design Crowd)
The Portrait of Dr Gachet is both highly thought of and much discussed. Now, it aptly includes Inspector Gadget instead. (image credit: Boeschinator/Design Crowd)
This Photoshopped painting features Disney's Aerial, Sebastian and Flounder. Everyone is happy at the young love.  (image credit: sternindernacht/Design Crowd)
We've seen Mona Lisa reimagined as both a cat and a monkey, but she looks even more impressive as a Disney princess captured on canvas.  (image credit: richardroy/Design Crowd)
The Flirt was an original painting by Eugene de Blaas. The updated version makes it seem like the man is merely admiring Snow White's bird.   (image credit: chanmart/Design Crowd)