Hilarious images of celebrities Photoshopped into Renaissance paintings

This painting dates back to somewhere around 1490 but has now been updated with a vision of Angelina Jolie. (image credit: Albrecht Dürer/hoosier64)
The original image was a portrait of Francisco Goya, a famous Spanish painter. We really like the new version that includes Anthony Hopkins. (image credit: Vicente López Portaña/underworth)
Ryan Reynolds somehow fits perfectly into the theme of these renaissance styled paintings. (image credit: Raffaello Sanzio/Leonardo Dias)
We have a real soft spot for Emma Stone and somehow she's even more magnificent as a Lady-in-Waiting circa 1625. (image credit: Peter Paul Rubens/SheilaJames03)
It's not actually too hard to believe that Seth Rogan would dress up like this. And he actually looks fantastic too.  (image credit: Giovanni Battista Moroni/Paulie Cashews)
This fairly magnificent portrait of famous German composer Richard Wagner was created by Cäsar Willich in 1862 and now shows Hugh Laurie instead. (image credit: Cäsar Willich/Mandrak)
This painting from 1832 shows a well-read man of note. The updated vision includes a cheerful Mel Gibson, probably chortling at a well-written script.  (image credit: Joseph Karl Stieler/MA1947)
This painting from 1597 shows a young scholar posing for a portrait. The modern reimaging shows actor Jude Law sporting one heck of a magnificent beard.   (image credit: Peter Paul Rubens/Mandrak)
This original image showed an early self-portrait work by artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Now Rowan Atkinson takes his place. (image credit: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio/)
A classic painting of a famous general transformed into a new vision of a celebrity. Leonard Nimoy certainly looks pretty special in full military garb.   (image credit: George Dawe/Hidreley Diao)
We love how majestic this Photoshopping makes Brad Pitt look, seen here with full military gear, medals and all in place of Prince Pyotr Mikhailovich Volkonsky. (image credit: George Dawe/harun ar)
Fun fact Tom Cruise actually wanted to join the priesthood at one point in his life, so this Photoshopping is actually fairly fitting.   (image credit: Diego Velázquez/JeremyC)
"An old man in military costume" and shows his father in his full regalia. It's been wonderfully updated here with Patrick Stewart looking magnificent. (image credit: Rembrandt van Rijn/The Getty Center/JK640)
In a rather fitting Photoshopping, one artist has transformed this painting of Ludwig van Beethoven by swapping the pianist with Sir Mick Jagger.  (image credit: Joseph Karl Stieler/Dm2)
There's no denying that Gillian Anderson looks fairly stunning on canvas, but what we really like is the effort this Photoshop editor put into the tweaks. (image credit: Joseph Wright/Suedetess)
The original oil painting was crafted by German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer in 1526 and now has been tweaked to feature a wise-looking Michael Cane. (image credit: Albrecht Dürer/Mandrak)
The new version shows a fun-loving Christian Bale who oddly looks more like an angry vampire than a chilled out painter.  (image credit: El Greco/ashurst)
This one used to show Alexander von Humboldt - a polymath, geographer, naturalist, and explorer. His likeness has been replaced with a cheeky Brad Pitt. (image credit: Joseph Karl Stieler/dnunciate)