(Pocket-lint) - We're celebrating 130 years of the Eiffel Tower, by remembering that time one man asked the internet to help him out.

Back in the hazy days of 2015, Sid Frisjes posted a photo of himself standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and asked for help Photoshopping it.

The internet-savvy among us know that's a mistake, but Sid Frisjes posted his request on 4Chan, so you can imagine the responses he got. We've rounded up some of our favourites for you to enjoy. 


Where it all began

Here it is, the original photo in all its glory. How many tourist photos look like this? We bet when he had this photo taken this poor chump didn't realise he'd go on to become an internet sensation. 


A more robust structure

It's actually fairly fitting that this Photoshopping should make it into the list, not just because we love Nokia phones, but also because the company behind them is actually older than the Eiffel Tower itself. 

Nokia was originally founded in 1865, unbelievably it started as a paper mill. Meanwhile, construction of the Eiffel Tower didn't start until 1887, with the Inauguration happening two years later.

We wonder how well a landmark carved out of an original Nokia phone would last?


Bring your own equipment

This Photoshopper has given Sid Frisjes a step up to achieve his goals with a set of ladders. A simple, yet effective solution, though the dimensions might be a tad off. 


Sunset guy

This classic Photoshopping is a homage to another classic Photoshopping series which became a meme.

The chap pictured here made the mistake of asking the internet to edit a vision of the setting sun between his fingers. The results were fairly hilarious


An architectural update

A classically simple editing sees the Eiffel Tower change shape as if bending to this tourists very whim. Despite the rough editing, we do wonder what the world would be like if the tower had actually been built to look like this. 


Extendo arms

Imagine what you could do with arms like this. Well, at least with arms that long anyway, we're not too sure the bends, bumps and weird shapes would be terribly comfortable.

The Photoshopping here is hilariously sloppy, even the shadow had zero effort put into it. This is a taste of what to expect from the rest of the list. 



There are many fans of the Portal video game online and we've seen all sorts of fun image edits showing the possibilities of what could happen if the technology really existed. We're not sure this is the best, but it's certainly amusing. 


Phoning it in

We're not sure what this Photoshop whizz was trying to say with this edit. But we love it. To be fair, our tourist friend would probably have had more luck asking E.T. for help than the internet, at least he could have ridden up their on the famous bike. 


The lowest effort

Sometimes, the lowest amount of effort is the best. Here, Sid Frisjes is achieving his goal of touching the Eiffel Tower, it's just not the actual tower he's touching. 


Nyan Cat

We've not seen Nyan Cat in a long old time, but here our animated furry friend is coming to Sid's rescue in the glorious style that only he can manage. Of course, now we want to see an animated version with a banging soundtrack as they both blast off into space. 


A cuddle with Gustave

This Photoshopping might well be the most fitting tribute to the Eiffel Tower as Sid is seen getting up close and personal with the man behind the tower. Here we see a vision through time of civil engineer, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and the tower partially constructed in the background. 


Your demands are meaningless

This Photoshopper took an entirely different path and reimagined the area free of tourists, landmarks or anything of interest. Is this what it would look like if the tower had never been built?


A trip to the ballet

This editor saw something special in Sid. The style, grace and poise of a ballet dancer hidden in the body of a humble tourist. Wonderfully different, if nothing else. 


Cut and paste job

This one looks like it was done in MS Paint rather than Photoshop. Copying and pasting might have been more effective, but it certainly stands out and makes us chortle. 


A helping hand

Sid is seen in a new light, in a world where he and his evil twins have got their wish and are touching the tower in a multitude of places. He's also grown to King Kong proportions. Watch out Paris!


The devil is in the detail

Is this the closest Sid came to getting what he wanted from the edits? We love the effort in this one - not least because the tip of the shrunken tower can be seen in the shadow too. Not a bad effort. 


Slam dunk?

We bet Sid didn't know he had these superb basketball skills. Far more thrilling that being able to touch the tip of the tower, he's just casually deflecting awesome net shots like it was nothing. 


Crane kick

Perhaps the key to success is the mastering of some serious karate or Kung Fu skills? That's the impression this editor has given with their changes. Sid is pulling off a flying crane kick and causally touching the tower in the process. 


The tower fights back

You don't touch the tower, the tower touches you. In a new world where architecture dominates man, a vision of the Eiffel Tower is seen reaching out to touch tourists instead. 


Nessie's day out

It seems that Sid's outstretched arm reminded this editor of something special. The Loch Ness monster has made a special appearance to help Sid out or maybe he is the mythical creature? We're not sure what happened with this one, but a lot of drugs were probably involved, either that or a while imagination.


That dress

We could hardly finish off this list without including that dress (aka "the dress"). The wonderful optical illusion that had the internet arguing about its actual colour. An amusing addition, if a little off topic. 


Goal achieved

One 4Chan user made the effort and completed the request. You can now live in happiness knowing that Sid got what he wanted and would not go on to make the same mistake again

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