Bonkers new animals imagined with the power of Photoshop

These photos imagine a world where anything is possible and create a variety of new breeds by merging one or more species together. The results are incredible, (image credit: jkrebs04/Reddit)
This short and stubby hybrid is weirdly wonderful and equally as majestic as the original creatures used as the inspiration.  (image credit: HybridAnimalBattles/Reddit)
Owl hybrids just work really well. They're either terrifying or marvellously majestic. (image credit: Greg Coleman/BoredPanda)
Another hybrid creature that makes Baboons less threatening, but might make birds a bit more intimidating. (image credit: Unknown/Reddit)
Imagine a world where your cat could blend into its surroundings, but also had freaky eyes that can turn and twist in any direction. (image credit: Quebectango/Imgur)
Another small creature with far too many teeth for our liking. (image credit: DeJMan/Reddit)
Imagine if elephants had colourful butterfly-like ears. What a marvellous world that would be.  (image credit: BoredPanda)
Less King Kong and more King Donkey? This hybrid is not only majestic but beautiful too. Somehow more peaceful and thoughtful than both the real-world animals. (image credit: jkrebs04/Reddit)
Seahorses are generally not terribly dangerous, but this one has got a real bee in his bonnet and the teeth to back it up. (image credit: Rastroboy/Reddit)
Fluffy, tiny, fond of fetching sticks, this little hybrid has it all. (image credit: gyyp/Reddit)
Someone has taken the ManBearPig character from South Park and made it a horrific reality through the power of Photoshop. (image credit: s3w4g3/Imgur)
Cat blended with a penguin might have resulted in a cute and cuddly hybrid, crossed with a dog though, the results are rib-tickling. (image credit: DeJMan/Reddit)
Imagine a world where birds were this fluffy instead of feathered. One Redditor asked whether the rabbit bird, aka the Burb, flew with its ears. (image credit: Gyp/Reddit)
We appreciate this one, not just for the high-quality Photoshopping but also the play on words. (image credit: animalsinthings)
What if wild foxes doubled as delicious foodstuffs? Loaves of bread on legs? (image credit: asciiaardvark)
What a creature this one is. Imagine mixing a frog and a duck into one animal. (image credit: s3w4g3)
This little creature certainly looks cute and fluffy, but knowing how much trouble cats are, we can't imagine it would be much fun to have around. (image credit: Supdog69)
We'd bet that Dumbo would have loved magnificent ears like this. (image credit: rastroboy)
We've seen some pretty terrifying hybrid animals on this list, but this one really takes the biscuit. (image credit: mobuco/Reddit)