(Pocket-lint) - Photoshop can be used to create many different images and clever illusions. Some skilled Photoshop artists have taken it upon themselves to put themselves into other pictures, making it look as though they were really there when the photo was taken.

We've rounded up some of the best images from three very talented artists, from parodies of celebrity culture and fictitious twins to artists who meet their childhood selves. Prepare to marvel at some incredibly clever Photoshop art.

Average Rob

Average Rob

Average Rob is actually Robert Van Impe. He describes himself as a "mediocre dude from Belgium", and happens to be incredibly talented with Photoshop.

Clearly wishing he had a celebrity lifestyle, Van Impe rather convincingly puts himself into pictures with famous faces. Whether it be hanging out with Barack Obama or getting cosy with Beyoncé, Average Rob's Photoshop tricks always require you to take a second look, just to make sure he can't actually be in the original picture.

Check our Average Rob's Facebook and Instagram pages for more stunning Photoshop work

Average Rob

8 Mile

It's not just Obama that Rob is best friends with, as he can be seen here hanging out with Eminem. We're assuming Eminem put his headphones on after Rob fell asleep. 

Average Rob


Here's another picture of Rob with one of best friends, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan's facial expression looks as though he's struggling to hold the weight of Rob in his arms, but being the great dad he is, he no doubt soldiers on. 

Average Rob

What the Hell did I sign up for again?

While we don't think Rob is a Trump supporter, largely because of his friendship with Obama (more on that later), he clearly doesn't take too kindly to being so close to Hilary Clinton.

Average Rob

First Date

We're not sure if sitting in a paddling pool with armbands with Katy Perry is the best first date idea, but we wish Rob the best of luck for getting a second. 

Average Rob

Car sickness

Here Rob has comically put himself with the stars of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as he barfs in a paper bag. Tarantino is seemingly turning away in disgust. 

Average Rob

Good Old Days

If anyone is going to join best friends Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it's going to be Rob.

Here he is hanging out with them at a tennis court, "joking about Trump being elected as president one day."

Average Rob

Swimming Pool

The way Rob has been able to make the towel look as though it genuinely is hanging off the shoulders of David Beckham is yet more proof of his talent. Rob shows you how he created the effect in the Instagram post. 

Average Rob

Every Happy Kid

Beyonce's pregnancy announcement photo became Instagram's most-liked photo of 2017.

Rob liked the news so much that got up close and personal to see if he could feel the babies kicking.

Average Rob


Rob also has a particular affection for Ryan Reynolds, as he has placed himself in a few photos with the Canadian actor.

Rob is sort of ruining Ryan's gaze into the camera, but it's nice they can be comfortable around each other.

Average Rob

Pretty and Pregnant

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced their third child, which was carried by a surrogate. Rob's response was a photo edit that showed him carrying the baby. 

Average Rob

In da Streets

Rob's looking back on fond memories in this picture, to the time when he was riding a moped with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (which can somehow seat three people) before they got divorced. 

Conor Nickerson

Conor Nickerson

Conor Nickerson is another talented Photoshop artist who puts himself in the picture. But rather than mix himself with the rich and famous, he's revisited his childhood and placed his now older self, in pictures of him as a youngster.

Some images see him recreate poses, while others could easily pass off as him looking like an older brother. 

Conor Nickerson

Sibling shenanigans

"I gathered all the old hats and t-shirts that I could find and did my best to put myself into childhood moments which, aside from these photos, remain only a distant memory. The result was learning a lot about Photoshop, but also an amusing, strange, and surprisingly introspective collection of photos of myself hanging out with myself."

Conor is a photographer, as well as a Photoshop artist. You can see his work on both his Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as his website.

Conor Nickerson

A young lad

Nickerson says of his Childhood series: "While looking through some old family photos, I wondered what it would it look like if tried to Photoshop myself today into them."

Conor Nickerson

Jamming and styling

There's a lot to love about these photos and even a personal trip down memory lane can be a wonderful thing for us all to observe.

After all, who wouldn't love the chance to go back in time and chat to their younger self?

Conor Nickerson

Thanks for the memories

We wonder if his family would have recognised him if he'd actually managed to find his way back through time and to join himself at the dinner table for a slice of birthday cake. 

Conor Nickerson

Just two dudes chilling

We love Connor's images and the effort he's put into them - even going as far as wearing similar clothes as his younger self. 


Kirby Jenner

A Photoshop artist going by the name Kirby Jenner is clearly a huge admirer on Kendall Jenner. His Instagram account describes him as "Amatuer Model / Lover of all things / Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner."

His Photoshop skills are so good that you genuinely need to work out if the photo is real or not. 

Kirby's Facebook account has more Kendall-inspired content, including putting himself into a teaser trailer for the latest series of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

What is Yubo and how can I join it?


Poor dog

This image is particularly effective. Kirby has been able to convincingly put himself behind Kendall on the dog, and has even put a realistic shadow in the background. 



While Kendall is an internationally-recognised model, Kirby isn't. It's no wonder then that this shot got "cut" from GQ magazine. 


Matching hair

The original image of Kendall laying on the floor with heart-shaped hair was the most liked photo on Instagram in 2015 with 3.2m likes (it now has around 3.6m).

Here, Kirby implies he was part of the original photo, laying next to his "sister", but was cut out of the shot for the final version.


Strutting down the runway

Not to be put off by his GQ shot being cut, Kirby has managed to pass himself off as a runway model, complete with boots instead of high-heels. 


One hungry man

This photo is perhaps a bit less convincing that some of Kirby's other work (there's no way you could get a sandwich that long at a basketball game), but it's funny nonetheless.

Cara Delevingne looks pretty gobsmacked at Kirby's sandwich while Kendall continues to soldier on through hers. 


You are having a giraffe

We have to admit we laughed at the caption for this photo. Kirby says it was taken for Halloween, where he dressed up as a "cute giraffe" and Kendall dressed up as "the ghost of a girl who got 2nd degree rope burn from her tire swing and died". We think she pulls the look off incredibly well.


Cheeky ketchup

This is perhaps one of Kirby's most effective photos. Again, we haven't seen the original image, but we imagine the ketchup wasn't already on top of the bun.

Kirby has cleverly made it look as though it's spread over the top of the bun and onto Kendall's fingers.



This was almost the perfect photo, of Kirby posing on the side of a boat with his sisters. Unfortunately he must have been focusing too hard on his strawberry laces and lost balance.

We love the way Kirby has been able to achieve effective depth with his positioning, making it look as though he really is there.


Birthday celebrations

Kirby insists he's Kendall's twin brother, so here they are on their 17th birthday. Kendall must be the favourite child, since she gets a huge cake while Kirby makes do with a much smaller one with one candle.


The angry bird

Another cracking Photoshopping from Kirby sports this caption:

"When I was told that I was working with an angry bird, I thought they meant the actual bird from Angry Birds. Instead, this bird was just literally an angry AF bird. Am I mad? 100% yes. Still pretty cute tho tbh haha idk I just love animals."


Taking in a show

We can only assume that Kendall is modelling on the runway for this photo, as she's nowhere to be seen in the photo (that maybe her sister, Kylie, sitting to Kirby's right, but our Jenner knowledge isn't that great). 



Glorious posing

This photo of Kirby with the Kardashian/Jenner clan is really good. Kirby has managed to get a similar exposure for himself to match the original photo. We're not sure if Kourtney (in the middle) was already holding something, or Kirby has even managed to Photoshop in some make-believe hands.



Socks and sandals

We haven't seen the original version of this photo, but is Kendall's hair isn't as big as it in this photo, then we really have to admire Kirby's Photoshop skills.

He's perfectly copied Kendall's pose and has the shadowing around the middle spot on, if only he'd gotten rid of the socks and sandals.


Stretching and stylin'

Kirby says about this photo that he took up ballet classes in the knowledge that Kendall would play roller hockey with him. It seems she didn't keep her word as he still hasn't been able to play a game with her. Maybe there will be a photo of her playing one day that Kirby can put himself into. 


Billboard aspirations

We really like this image of Kirby and Kendall in a Calvin Klein billboard advert. While Kirby may not have the physique often associated with the fashion brand's adverts (and he's eating a Subway sandwich), we think he's nailed the CK look spot on.


On the run with Jay Z and Beyonce

Patrick Thorendahl, aka Peeje T. is another artist on Instagram who inserts himself into celebrity photos. His work isn't as convincing as others on this list, but it is still hilarious. 

This image of him with Jay Z and Beyonce, for example, is particularly amusing. 


Do you even lift Drake?

It looks like Drake need a little help weight lifting, but not to worry as Peeje T. is there to lend a helping hand. He actually looks like he'd be a lot of cheeky fun to have around. 

Writing by Max Langridge and Adrian Willings.