(Pocket-lint) - Photoshop is the gift that keeps on giving and when Redditors get their hands on an already hilarious image, you can be sure things can only get better. 

There's a whole subreddit dedicated to Photoshop Battles and each year, those passionate Redditors hunt down the very best and hand out awards for the spectacular creations crafted for each category.

We've taken a look to find some of the most amusing to share for your enjoyment. Join us on a journey of hilarity and Photoshop brilliance. 


Hidden beauty

We love these sorts of images where things are perfectly lined up and look like they're meant to be. Fantastic. But just when you thought this image couldn't get any better, someone Photoshopped in Rowan Atkinson making a surprise appearance. We almost spat our tea all over the screen. 


Space shuttle cat

This brilliantly cute little Photoshopping appears to show a cat reaching up to touch a warm lamp bulb, then transformed into a giant beast holding onto a space shuttle. Or perhaps he's part of the rocket clouds? Either way, it looks awesome and we love it. 


Trump's angry puppet show

President Trump is often the butt of a good internet joke. This classic Photoshopping is yet another in a long line of images poking fun at the man. Here he's seen angrily gesturing during an event, only to be transformed into a puppeteer.


Matching outfits

Well, this is embarrassing, Aaron Paul has apparently turned up at a fashion show wearing the same outfit as the model. Someone is going to have to go home and change. 

Hai-Kef zoo

The MGM lion

The image on the left did the rounds on the web claiming that this is how the MGM intro was created, with a poor lion strapped down. Of course, the truth is less sinister and the original image actually relates to a heart-warming story about a lion being given pioneering brain surgery to save his life

Still, there's no denying it's an amusing Photoshopping, if a little tongue in cheek. We're desperately trying to avoid making jokes about a lion having a cat scan. 


Cheerful dog and his owner

When the President of Finland was captured holding his cheerful pooch, Redditors saw an opportunity to craft more magnificence with the help of Rowan Atkinson. Another classic.


The rice wave

When a photo of a man making a rice wave hit the web it resulted in a Photoshop battle of epic proportions. Alas, the original photo was eventually revealed to be a fake, as the rice wave was actually shown to be a product for sale in a fake food shop in Tokoyo. That didn't detract from how awesome the whole thing was though, nor how creative Photoshoppers can be. 


Googly eyes

This cat's eyes are already fairly cute and awesome, but the addition of some googly eyes only improves things even more.


A bear giving chase

Another fake photo, showing a cyclist apparently going good guns in a desperate attempt to flee from a bear that was chasing him down the road. The original image just showed a bear pelting it down a road in Yellowstone Park. That image was fairly amazing by itself, but was certainly improved with a dash of peril. 

Don't mess with the Queen

Turns out the Queen is one lean, means, shooting machine. After seeing her shooting off some rounds from an SA80, one Photoshopper thought she might be bad ass enough to make an appearance in Pulp Fiction.


Einstein on a bike

This photo popped up on the web a few years back and quickly went viral. It purported to show Albert Einstein happily riding a bicycle while an atomic explosion is happening off in the background. Of course, this image was the work of some clever Photoshopper and shown to be fake, but we love the humour of it. 

Richard Silvera

The sweet escape

Shuttle launches are already fairly incredible - the idea of a massive rocket being shot up through the atmosphere never ceases to amaze. But one Photoshopper took an already brilliant view of a shuttle and merged it with another photo to show the shuttle coming through the clouds instead. Certainly more glorious and a nice piece of editing too.  


The French President celebrating 

During the World Cup, the President of France was captured on camera celebrating his team's victory. Clever bods on Reddit quickly took to some Photoshop editing. One image saw Emmanuel Macron replacing Napoleon from the famous oil painting of the General riding on horseback through the alps. 


A magnificent kingfisher

This fantastic image shows the moment a kingfisher dove down into superbly still waters in search of something to snack on. Photoshop masters turned it into something more hilarious - an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un watching a test of his country's latest missile system. We also enjoyed this slightly more dangerous edit showing the kingfisher diving into a shark's mouth. 


A police dog and their sidekick

A police dog is captured on camera in a room full of confiscated drugs. The image was edited several times in the Photoshop Battles subreddit, but our favourite is almost certainly this one of cartoon character Shaggy Rogers making an appearance. 


Daddy face swap

We love the original photo of this dad carrying his young infant inside his top, but the internet made it even better with a quick face swap. We also thoroughly enjoyed this version where the baby's head was Photoshopped onto passers-by as well. 

Smilodon-Fatalis/Reddit ; jskoker/Reddit

German Shepherd on ice

Redditor jskoker took this already excellent photo of a German Shepherd standing on ice and transformed it. By simply, yet expertly adding a likeness of Jesus and some ripples, he's given the impression of the son of God taking his dog for a walk over the water's surface. 

vinevicious/Reddit; 2Thebreezes/Reddit

This rescued Sloth

This gloriously and majestic sloth looks far more fabulous and at home on the ice rink than he does in the hands of his rescuers. We certainly expect a high score from the figure skating judges for this one if nothing else. 

janlaureys9/Reddit; Summerie/Reddit

Trump trying to close his pen

US President Donald Trump has certainly been the subject of many a meme over the months. His images are also often perfect candidates for a good Photoshopping. This photo of him putting the lid back on his pen is a perfect example. Amazing what a joy a couple of dinosaurs can bring. 


Magnificent chicken

Just when you thought this chicken couldn't possibly get any more magnificent with its fine curly locks, along comes this Photoshop master adding some regal clothing. 


This baddass Hawk

As far as feathered creatures go, the Hawk is already pretty mean. But add in a bit of bling and some fresh kicks and suddenly he fits right in with 80s rap group N.W.A. This is not a bird you want to mess with. 

pastafariangymnast/Reddit; bears_with_chainsaws/Reddit

Just a minute of your time

Unexpected guests showing up at your door peddling their wares or wanting to talk to you about their religion are not what you want to open the door to. A grizzly bear is probably an even less welcome sight. But what if we lived in a world where grizzly bears wanted to talk to you about the word of the Lord? Would you be more or less likely to let them in?

Darkvastin/Reddit; davepollotart/Reddit

Screaming Lama

Who is more shocked? The tourist or the loudly screaming Lama? This startled Lama fits perfectly into famous expressionist oil painting The Scream. Certainly adds a lot more character to the picture anyway. 

OMGLMAOWTF_com/Reddit; santorumsandwich/Reddit

Donald Trump in a bathrobe

A young Donald Trump lays seductively spread across a flowery pink bedspread. With a little Photoshop magic, we now see him in the reflection of Russian President Vladimir Putin's sunglasses. 


This dog-friendly gate

Beware of the dogs. SkulkiBones took this already brilliant image of two dog snouts poking through a garden gate and Photoshopped it over the faces of Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari from crime flick 30 Minutes or Less. Imagine a world plagued by canine bank robbers.    

discovicke/Reddit; SirCalvin/Reddit

Their expressions says it all

When you're forced to get along with someone you really don't like and act in a professional manner despite your feelings it can be tough. It's nice to see even Presidents struggle with this issue. Trump and Obama are forced into uncomfortable proximity that's actually as believable as it is hilarious. 

londond109/REddit; PmYourNipplePiercing/Reddit

The Princess Leia frog

This frog is magnificent, sitting there happily with two snails on his head as if that's perfectly normal behaviour. When Redditors picked up on the fact that the frog resembled Princess Leia from Star Wars, one Photoshop master took to work to make the transformation happen. 

SteveT2112/Reddit; Eapolis/Reddit

Capybara with some squirrel monkeys

The Capybara is known to be the largest living rodent in the world, in this original image this one is getting some relaxing attention from some adorable squirrel monkeys. One Redditor reimagined the monkeys as a racing pit crew seeing to the Capybara's every need. 

meerkatisnotacat/Reddit; artunitinc/Reddit

Cat melting on a sofa

Cats are marvellous and these wonderful creatures have been the subject of much hilarity on the web. This cat is so chilled it appears to almost be melting off the sofa.  Some clever editing inserts his form into the famous painting by Salvador Dali known as "The Persistence of Memory" where he melts along with the clocks in this dream-like world. 

JavaReallySucks/Reddit; RexLeou/Reddit

Firefox smelling a flower

A happy fox has taken time out to smell the flowers and truly enjoy life. This wonderful photo is used as the basis of a reimagining of the classic Firefox logo. We love the simplistic brilliance of this one and hope Mozilla implements it. 

Duderino732/Reddit; -doitforjohnny-/Reddit

Guilty Leopard

This magnificent Leopard has been snapped in the wild, probably sharpening its claws on a tree, but it looks like it's been up to something far more mischevious. With a little Photoshop magic, the spotted feline is now caught red-handed and wide-eyed, grabbing a late night snack from the fridge. 


A Quokka photobombing a selfie

We'll happily admit we have a soft spot for animal photobombers, they're cute, cheeky and hilarious. When an already fantastic image of a photobombing Quokka is brilliantly crafted into the classic Disaster Girl meme it's a match made in heaven. 

Dusty_clit/Reddit; Dudeski021/Reddit

This Gecko strumming a leaf

When an air guitar just isn't enough, you've got to make do with what's to hand. This Gecko is so chilled out with his leaf, we can easily imagine him strumming out some great tunes and mellow vibes. Just when you thought the original photo couldn't be improved, this Photoshopper worked their magic. 

ahaha_69/Reddit; Elelegante101/Reddit

Dogs hugging

Man's best friend locked in a loving embrace. These two dogs also seem to represent the entwining of Ying and Yang and perfectly fit in this old black and white photograph too. Brilliantly done and expertly improved. 

Eric2579/Reddit; do_u_even_lift_m8/Reddit

Bird kicking bird

Robins do have a reputation for being a bit aggressive and unreasonable. This one is firmly staking his claim to the bird seed and let no other feathered beast come near it. How can this image get any better? Throw in some Spartans. 

Byzelo/Reddit; st0l1/Reddit

This dog making a ridiculous face

This dog's ruffled face looks like he's having an interesting day. It's also a perfect skydiving pose as the wind ripples across his wobbly lips and contorts his face in unusual and hilarious ways. 

Keypaw/Reddit; cginspire/Reddit

Small child commanding a fleet of kites

This small child appears to be commanding a flock of kites on a windy day. A little Photoshopping makes her appear a lot more dangerous. Able to control the wind and the earth, she is a force to be reckoned with and parents loathe the terrible twos! 

dingdong22221 /Reddit;porkchop-sandwhiches/Reddit

Boondog saints

This weird pooch is pulling an unusual pose like he's pointing in different directions. One Photoshopper decided it reminded them of The Boondock Saints and so the result is a dog dual-wielding pistols. He doesn't look too sure about it though. 


This squirrel doing a Superhero Pose

This squirrel looks like he's just landed after a superhero powered flight and is ready for action. It also turns out that he's a fantastic UFC fighter.  Don't mess with his nuts!


Breaking Tad

We really like the imagination behind this one, blue candy floss and a yellow jacket make this little child the perfect addition to a Breaking Bad spin-off cover. Breaking Tad could equally be a hilarious parenting film about kids gone wild. Children will eat anything that's not well hidden after all, but hopefully not blue meth. 

Banana_Hammock_Up/Reddit; xprmntng/Reddit

ZZ Top

This horned fellow certainly bears a striking resemblance to ageing Rock Band ZZ Top - long flowing beard and all. We wonder what a world would be like where goats regularly jammed out on stage. 

Cosie123/Reddit ; WetCoastLife/Reddit

A cat stranded on water

Puddy cats notoriously hate water. This poor feline has somehow managed to get stuck on the surface of a swimming pool. Miserably lost at sea, he's easily edited into the famous scene from The Titanic. 

_korbendallas_ /Reddit; _AI_/Reddit

Jackdaw on a bird feeder

Another bird aggressively staking their claim to a bowl full of seed. If looks could kill, this Jackdaw would come packing firepower and with a little editing, he's now capable of backing up his threats. 

_korbendallas_/Reddit; wileyrocketcentaur1/Reddit

Awkward school yearbook photos

This hippo looks like he's been asked to pose for a photograph but has real trouble understanding what "cheese" means. Or maybe this is just the face he pulls when he thinks about food. The portrait image fits perfectly in with some other equally awkward snaps in a school yearbook. 

Reddit; Zacshairy/Reddit

Get out of the water

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, this pooch strikes. This dog looks like he's educating the masses or preaching the word of the Lord but has been expertly edited into the classic Jaws poster. 

Comrade0gilvy/Reddit , team_meh/Reddit

Two Rhinos walking in the rain

These two Rhinos take a peaceful and romantic stroll along a road. The image reminded the Redditor of the oil painting of two lovers walking in the rain and so the new image was born. A colourful and magnificent testament to nature and romance. 

acslator/Reddit , Slumber_Naut/Reddit

This dog crossing its legs, staring at the camera

Dogs don't often do regal or majestic poses, but this one seems to be taking this portrait photography business very seriously. With an impressive level of skill, this Redditor managed to insert this dog into the classic Dogs Playing Poker oil painting with such ease it could even be mistaken for the original.       

Thus concludes our list of brilliant photos from Reddit's Photoshop Battle Competition, we're sure you'll agree they're pretty fantastic. Let us know if you've seen any other brilliant ones you'd like to see included. 


Wet Alpaca becomes Chewbacca

Reddit user goodpotito took this photo of a wet Alpaca as the inspiration for a new, amusing and awfully cute vision of Chewbacca. We can't stop staring at it. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.