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(Pocket-lint) - At its Adobe Max conference last year, the creative software company announced Project Nimbus - a cloud-based photo editing service that gives you Lightroom style control over your pictures from any device connected to the internet.

It was only a working concept at the time and there were no details on when it might be available to the public.

Now it seems a full release could be close, as Adobe itself has accidentally leaked a working version.

Mac Generation Adobe Project Nimbus image 2

A working Project Nimbus file marked "internal only" was mistakenly released to a "small group of Creative Cloud customers". It was quickly withdrawn, but not before some users got to try it out. That included French website Mac Generation.


It managed to get the software working and grabbed screenshots. It reports that the interface looks a fair bit like Lightroom for iPad, which makes sense considering it is meant to provide powerful but easy-to-access controls for editing on the move.

The best news is that, while it is cloud-based and you store your images online, it is compatible with RAW files. Which also explains why you get 1TB of storage to play with.

Even though Adobe withdrew the app quickly, we still expect a beta version to be available to Creative Cloud members this year. Watch this space.

Writing by Rik Henderson.