Incredible Photoshop artists with skills that will blow your mind

Rolling Welsh countryside interrupted by the unexpected lines of an underground entrance. (image credit: James Popsey)
Murat Akyol is a talented artist who turns his dreams into reality through the power of editing. (image credit: Murat Akyol)
Mathieu Stern is a popular YouTuber with a flair for photography and filmmaking. Crafting awesome gravity-defying art like this. (image credit: Mathieu Stern)
"The key" is a digital self-portrait by Photoshop artist Alex Belko. It was selected for the commended category of the Sony World Photography Awards.  (image credit: Alex Belko)
This photo by Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion is part of a series of photo montages where characters immerse themselves into the surrounding landscapes. (image credit: Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion)
A photographic commentary on society, tax and subsidies, this image by German artist Martin Seraphin is essentially a reflection of modern capitalism. (image credit: Martin Seraphin)
Photoshop artist Agan Harahap has created a wonderful series of images re-imagining historic events by injecting superheroes into iconic photos. (image credit: Agan Harahap)
Here's a dissected toaster that apparently shows tiny men beavering away on delivering a delicious toasty morsel to their owner. (image credit: Staudinger + Franke)
Czechoslovakian photographer and Photoshop artist Bara Prasilova creates intriguing art as a commentary on human relationships and emotions. (image credit: Bara Prasilova)
Photo manipulator Charlie Davoli creates collages and montages from edits of photographs he took with his iPhone. (image credit: Charlie Davoli)
Erik Johansson has a gifted eye for nature and a talent for believable image manipulation. (image credit: Erik Johansson)
Jati Putra Pratama takes photos of the world we live in and twists the laws of gravity and the angles of nature to present us with a new reality. (image credit: Jati Putra Pratama)
Kirby Jenner gets his kicks from injecting himself into other people's photographs. (image credit: Kirby Jenner)