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(Pocket-lint) - Starting today, you can change your brush size in Adobe Photoshop with a swipe of your finger - as long as you own Apple's latest MacBook Pro.

When Apple demoed its MacBook Pro on stage in October, it really emphasised how the new Touch Bar works with Adobe Photoshop. But the thing is, Apple launched its laptop last month, and there was no word from Adobe about when it would support Touch Bar. Now, however, the company has announced an update for Photoshop that enables Touch Bar support. You can learn more about how to get the update from here.

"In designing the interaction with the Touch Bar, we imagined three distinct categories of functions that would be useful to our customers: Layer Properties, Brushes, and (true to Photoshop’s ethos) your customisable Favorites," explained Adobe. "Touch Bar is useful for accessing controls in a new way, especially controls that were sometimes clumsy with a keyboard and mouse."

Once you've updated, you'll see that the Layer Properties now allows for quick access to features like Smart Objects, masking, and clipping, while Brushes allows you to easily adjust brush color, size, hardness, and opacity using draggable sliders. And the Favorites section can be adjusted to offer a variety of quick actions. The full list of functions is available on Adobe's support page.

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The Touch Bar Photoshop update is now out for all Creative Cloud subscribers.

Writing by Elyse Betters.