We've seen plenty of examples of awful Photoshop manipulation in the past, but Superdrug's "Perceptions of Perfection" experiment reveals some shocking truths.

It has been known for quite some time that different designers around the world dramatically alter images in order to fit with the ideal of beauty in their locations, but there are few better examples of the extremes they go to than this test.

Superdrug took one picture of a normal woman, taken by photographer Hugo Felix, and sent it to 18 different designers around the globe with the brief to retouch it to "fit with their culture's perceptions of beauty and an ideal female form". The results were staggering.

Just check out China's for example. And we doubt the Italian one is the same woman's body - it looks like a different model had the original woman's head just pasted on.

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The original brief given to the designers did state that they could change her body and form, plus the clothing if desired. But there was to be no nudity. Heaven knows what would have come back if that was an option.

Not only does it give a good idea of the perception of beauty around the world, sometimes alarmingly so, it also shows exactly why the term "Photoshopped" has become so widely adopted. And not always positively.

Just click through the gallery above to be shocked.

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