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(Pocket-lint) - Technology can be a wonderful, glorious thing. It can also be totally and utterly misused, especially when in the hands of buffoons.

Adobe Photoshop is a prime example of a tool that can make photos and images look spectacular, yet also create the most bizarre and, let's face it, funny moments if used incorrectly.

We've compiled some of the worst examples of "Photoshopping" found on the internet - from the downright hilarious to the slightly disturbing manipulation of the human body.

There are awful images of celebrities and instances where companies have inexplicably changed reality for nefarious means. Take a look through the extensive collection and revel in the idiocy of Photoshoppers who, quite frankly, had no idea what they were doing.


There is no better modern cock-up than a Photoshop cock-up.

Buzzfeed Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 84

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Who forgot the Santa hats? No worries, we can just Photoshop them on afterwards.

Why bother splashing out on props when you can just edit the photos afterwards?

SledgeHammer_10 Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 96

Bearded man

One of the best (worst) Photoshopped adverts for a t-shirt you're ever likely to see. The highlight of which is the man in the photo doesn't even have a beard. 

Abandoned-Potato Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 97


There are so many things wrong with this image it's hard to know where to start.

The controllers by the TV are massive for a start, then her elbow is doing weird and wonderful things and where is she even meant to be looking? It hurts our eyes to even look at this one. 

bmdelaune worst photoshop errors ever photo 100

A wet landing

Clearly, this edit was meant to show the potential views and delights that NYC has to offer, but at this height the reality would be very different. Essentially this plane is landing in the Hudson river. 

Photoshop Disasters Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 3

That's plane wrong

Would you get on a plane with a missing front wheel? We're not sure we would. The landing would certainly be rough. 

Billboard Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 4

Two right feet

Fifth Harmony. Two right feet. Nuff said. This is one of the classic Photoshop errors where you have to look close to see it, but when you do it doesn't disappoint. 

20th Century Fox Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 2

Freakishly long fingers

We know X-23 has Wolverine-style claws in Logan, but we didn't realise that her fingers were also super long. This official poster image claims otherwise.

Buzzfeed Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 5

A mother to look up to

"When I grow up, I want to be as freakishly tall as you mum!" We'd imagine this young lad gets a lot of neck strain when looking up to talk to his mummy. 

W Magazine Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 6

Tent dwellers

We applaud the appearance of a drone in this shot published by W Magazine, but apparently, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were born without knees.

There's also a disembodied hand floating out of the tent and tapping one of them on the shoulder.

GQ Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 7

Free the nipple

Chrissy Tiegan, the model shot here, tweeted in response: "I have no nipples. I draw them on with sharpies each morning and sometimes I forget."

Max Division Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 8

A Photoshopping to the gun show

Do you even lift, bro? This guy clearly does. But only the left arm. Never the right. Never.

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 9

Lazy leg

Sun loungers only support one-legged models. It's fairly impressive to be able to edit a photo and make someone who is clearly relaxed look awfully uncomfortable. 

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 10

The angles are all wrong

The neck of this guitar appears to disappear through a mess of hair in ways that it couldn't possibly have done. Another miracle of Photoshop. 

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 11

Family faces

There's certainly nothing wrong with multi-cultural families. Photoshopping faces in isn't the best way to show them off though.

Dad's face is also creepily edited, the lighting is all wrong.

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 12

Levitating LeBron

Professional basketball player LeBron James is apparently not just incredibly tall and amazing at his chosen sport but he's also capable of levitation tricks. Or at least appearing in photos without showing off his legs. 

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 13

Opposites attract?

They say couples often look similar but this is ridiculous. Maybe they couldn't find a lady to feature in the photo so just asked the male model to pop a wig on? We're not sure what happened, but we love it. 

Hongkiat Worst Photoshop Errors Ever image 14

A multi-angle shot?

A close look at this photo apparently shows someone laying down in the cornfield below the athlete.

We assume they were trying to take photos from multiple angles, but the result is much creepier.