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(Pocket-lint) - Adobe's Photoshop has been around for 25 years today. The first version was released on 19 February 1990 and little did we know that it would become not only the default software used by professionals and amateur designers and photographers worldwide but its name would become a verb.

Everybody understands when you say that a picture has been "Photoshopped" and not always in a good way. Celebrities and models have certainly benefited from having their mug and body shots treated by skilled Photoshop artists.

But how has the software changed over the years? What milestones has it reached? After all, 25 years is a long time to remain industry leader. Sinnead O'Connor was number one in the UK when it first came out (with Nothing Compares 2 U) and that seems like a looooong time ago.

We've put together a collection of pictures of Photoshop throughout the years in a gallery for you to flick through and it will certainly bring back memories, especially if you had a Mac running the first version. We've also been in giggles today over some of the codenames Adobe attached to each iteration before launch, which we've listed below. Our favourite has to be "Single Malt Whiskey Cat".

So reminisce along with us. Happy birthday Photoshop.

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Photoshop codenames over 25 years

  • Photoshop 1.0 (1990): Did not have a codename.
  • Photoshop 2.0 (1991): Fast Eddie.
  • Photoshop 3.0 (1994): Tiger Mountain.
  • Photoshop 4.0 (1996): Big Electric Cat.
  • Photoshop 5.0 (1998): Strange Cargo.
  • Photoshop 6.0 (2000): Venus in Furs.
  • Photoshop 7.0 (2002): Liquid Sky.
  • Photoshop CS (2003): Dark Matter.
  • Photoshop CS2 (2005): Space Monkey.
  • Photoshop CS3 (2007): Red Pill.
  • Photoshop CS4 (2008): Stonehenge.
  • Photoshop CS5 (2010): White Rabbit.
  • Photoshop CS6 (2012): Superstition.
  • Photoshop CC (2013): Lucky 7 (14), Single Malt Whiskey Cat (14.2), Surfing Cow (15).
Writing by Rik Henderson.