Now you don't have to wait for all items bought from Currys and PC World to be delivered, the online stores of Dixons Retail have now added software downloads to the items you can buy. Add them to your basket, pay and you can be using the applications as soon as your internet connection allows.

Software from major brands is on offer, including Microsoft, Adobe and McAfee, and should you suffer a computer crash or meltdown, downloads are attached to a Currys or PC World customer account. You can download it again, should you need to.

Eligible software is now listed on the two retail sites under the tag "available for download" - it's that simple.

"We are excited to be offering our customers the ability to buy and instantly use computer software where and when they need it," said Mark Slater, computing director for Currys and PC World.

"With the popularity of smaller, lighter laptops and tablets, as well as more and more PCs being sold without disc drives, this development is firmly in line with the trend towards convenient, downloadable content as and when people need it."

Products initially available to download include Microsoft Office, McAfee Internet Security, Adobe Elements and CS6.