Adobe's popular service, which allows you to store, edit and share images, can now shift pictures across to Adobe Revel if required.

Now your pictures will appear in a new Revel-based library entitled either, if you already use Revel or, if you sign up, under your first name. Adobe Revel is a cloud-based image hosting service that allows you to organise and edit picture on a range of devices, including iPhone and iPad as well as the web.

The service lets you create web-based galleries instantly from a selection of pictures which you can then view back on other devices. It's also a great cloud back-up, with unlimited uploads for the first 30 days and a full year's worth for Revel Premium subscribers.

Those interested can sign up for Adobe Revel at its website as well as download the service's iOS apps. The integration is particularly handy for those who like to do a lot of web-based editing.

Expect more cloud-based products from Adobe as its emphasis on its creative cloud services continues to grow.