Adobe's Lightroom 5 is now official, bringing with it brand new top of the line photo-editing tools. Lightroom 5 is one of the first products to fully integrate with Adobe's Creative Cloud. You can either purchase it as an individual licence or store the app in your Adobe cloud.

What do you get? The app now includes an advanced healing brush which will fix imperfections in an image with one click. You can clean up distractions using the brush, getting rid of the likes of dust spots and splotches on images.

On top of the healing brush you also get an upright tool that basically behaves like a tilt-shift lens. It is able to straighten edges and fix perspective on buildings.

Finally we have radial gradients, which are designed to apply multiple vignettes across a picture in order to help make elements of an image stand out. There are plenty of other enhancements with Lightroom 5, too many to list. The app features more than 50 tweaks and updates which every photographer will enjoy.

Adobe Creative Cloud users can download the app right now or alternatively you can purchase the software direct from Adobe's website. The app will cost £102.57 separately or £57.64 as an upgrade.