Adobe has plans for a new application for tablets that will effectively be its Lightroom for portable devices, offering the ability to process RAW images to professional photographers on the go.

Currently at an early research stage, the application will take RAW images and offer easy to manipulate controls for different picture aspects. Adobe's group product manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty, demonstrated the current build of the software on an Android device to the presenters of The Grid, an online technology TV show.

He showed how easy it was to correct an imported RAW file live on screen. What's more, he revealed that the idea is that the application would synchronise with Adobe cloud services in order to show live image changes on a PC or Mac version of Lightroom as they are made on a tablet.

Also impressive is the software's ability to zoom into the RAW image, all the way to 100 per cent in order to check for focus and details.

Other Lightroom features could be added at a later stage. Hogarty explained that he'd like to incorporate some of the library abilities of the desktop version of Adobe's Lightroom, such as sorting photos into categories or rating images.

Significantly, the product manager also showed some features running on an iPad 2, so Adobe is working hard on ensuring compatibility on machines that have less power than those that will be available when the app finally reaches consumers.