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(Pocket-lint) - Adobe has unveiled the latest version of its Lightroom photo editing software in the form of a public beta. Lightroom 5 incorporates a wide range of changes to the previous software, all designed to speed up your workflow and help with photo editing.

Adobe promises a wide range of new JDIs - Just Do It features - which essentially allow for quick changes to be made with a single click. On top of this, there is a new radial filter which enables you to selectively vignette parts of the image.

Then comes an advanced healing brush. This, which you can shape to the exact size you need, will fix any issues you have with select parts of the image. It can do things like clean up remove unwanted parts of an image or do away with red eye. In previous versions of the software this healing brush was limited by its adjustability, but now you can select whatever you want in the image and apply the process to it.


A clever upright filter is able to fix any problem angles or converging verticals within a photo. A demo Adobe showed us resulted in some staggering image fixes. If applied to the right photo it can totally shift the perspective of a shot.

It has been a long while coming, but Lightroom 5 also has proper full-screen support for OS X, so you can do away with the menu bar at the top of your Mac. Finally, the slideshow function has been vastly improved, syncing images much better to music.

Those on Mac hoping to upgrade will need to be running at least Lion. Windows users will need Windows 7 at a minimum. Expect more on Adobe Lightroom 5 as we sit down for some proper usage.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.
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