Adobe has released an update to its Premier Pro Creative Suite 6 (CS6) that will enable users to view and edit images and video at the resolution of the Retina Display found in the Apple iPad and the new Macbook Pro.

The Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.2 update is available now and should not only make images clearer but also any text should appear crisper and cleaner.

Adobe only confirmed the update at the end of August, but it wasn’t expected to arrive so quickly, with a spokesperson saying “support for HiDPI displays (would be here) in the coming months”.

The update - which is also available for PCs and will support Windows 8 - promises to iron out any bugs customers have claimed to experience and will also be able to handle fully the GT 650M CPU found in the new MacBook Pro.

However, Adobe has said that Mac owners who use Premier Pro should update their computer to Mac OSX v10.8 Mountain Lion to ensure a better experience.