We’ve been playing around with Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 (CS6) for a few weeks now, and boy is it impressive stuff.

Originally released as a public Beta, the final product packages are now shipping.

Whether you chose to buy a download or boxed version CS6 is only available via Adobe; there will be no third-party retailers stocking the products.

The forthcoming Creative Cloud – a rentable version of the software – will be available from 11 May priced at £46.88 a month in the UK (VAT included). Existing customers with version CS3 or above can take advantage of a one year contract, priced at £27.34 a month, or £328.08 a year.

Curious creatives can now check out Adobe’s site for fully functional 30 day trials of all the software packages.

What do you think about Adobe's rental concept - will it help cease illegal copies of the product being used?