Already something of a relic, the fax machine might have just have had the final nail put into its coffin by Adobe.

The software company has announced that it is introducing eSignatures to its Adobe Reader users.

Using Adobe EchoSign users will be able to sign and send documents electronically, avoiding the need to fax or courier official papers.

Desktop users will be able to sign a document electronically by drawing their signature or by adding a preset typed or cursive designation.

However, it’s on touchscreen devices where Adobe’s developments get really interesting. Using the Ink Signature Tool, users will be able to trace their signature directly on to the screen either with their finger or a stylus. 

Adobe Mobile Reader 10.2 will also let smartphone and tablet users annotate text, make comments with virtual Post-it notes and fill out and forward PDF forms.

Both desktop and mobile Adobe users will be able to request a signature from people by connecting to Adobe EchoSign, while any contracts or important documents that are signed will be stored in a virtual cloud service for when they're next needed. 

Adobe Mobile Reader 10.2 is available to download free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Desktop users can also download the Adobe Reader X (version 10.1.3) direct to their computer.

Have you used Adobe's eSignature tool? Let us know your thoughts.