One of the main attractions of any tablet device is its undoubted ability for photo manipulation. More and more, consumers and professional photographers alike have been using an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Android slate to tart up and ready their pictures.

However, there are hundreds of photo applications on the market, and while some are great, none of them has quite the brand appeal of...

iPad 2

Having been out on Android for a while (indeed, it even made App of the Day back in December last year), Adobe Photoshop Touch has finally made it to iOS. However, as it needs a bit of welly behind its tools, it's only available for iPad 2 running iOS 5. And sadly for original iPad owners, we can see why.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop Elements, also available on the App Store, PS Touch is a powerful piece of software. It's not in the same league as its £600 PC or Mac parent, but features many of the same functions and bells and whistles - at least, the most popular ones.

There are effects that can be applied to images, either directly through a drop -own menu or painted on with the paint brush for finer control, multiple layers, and a range of selection options that really help to isolate objects in the foreground in order to mask them.

app of the day adobe photoshop touch review ipad 2  image 9

The clone stamp makes a welcome appearance, as do the healing brush and a whole other collection of customisable functions that can literally give you complete control at your fingertips.

Speaking of which, perhaps Adobe Photoshop Touch's most welcome feature is the eponymous Touch element. Using your finger or - better still, a stylus - to manipulate an image seems a much more natural thing to do than using a mouse. Of course, a professional would use a graphics tablet on a desktop, but the rest of us usually make do with a hunk of rodent-like plastic.

But what strikes Adobe's software apart from many other, often cheaper, options are the little tricks and tips - many of which are also offered as interactive tutorials.

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For example, Scribble Selection is a mode that lets you paint over an area you'd like to cut out off or isolate on an image. Paint around the edges of the object after clicking the "Keep" button, and then around the outside after clicking "Remove". This will then judge exactly where the edges are and make a good guess on the exact shape of the object. If it errs, you can also refine edges in a separate drop-down menu.

This is just one of the many things you can do. You can also change colours and saturation of a whole image, or just an area, and even remove people from a scene altogether (although not as accurately as you can on daddy Photoshop). And there are in-built tutorials to help you learn all of this.

At £6.99 it's a lot to ask for an application on the App Store these days, but you really do get a lot for your money. Of course, it's not intended for complex professional work, such as airbrushing a model or two (arrestable in some areas), but will definitely help make your photos look better. And with Facebook and Google Image Search support to download and upload images it even throws in some cunning social networking talents to keep the kids happy.