Adobe have updated Adobe Flash Player 11, bringing with it compatibility for the latest version of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

When we reviewed the Galaxy Nexus upon launch last month, the omission of Flash support was one of the things we found disappointing on the new flagship Android handset.

Although Flash support on Android mobile devices may be coming to the end of its tenure, it's one of the features that has been popular, making it relatively simple to consume things like online video content without the need for a specific app. 

With providers starting to consider alternative avenues for the provision of such online services - through things like HTML5 and Silverlight - the run of Adobe Flash Player is probably coming to and end.

Until it does, however, those who got in early on Android 4.0 with the Galaxy Nexus will now be able to get back to things like watching Lovefilm videos through the website (until they turn off Flash support), or using 4OD.

The update also brings with it various bug fixes, but no new services.

If you haven't been prompted to update, head into the Android Market and update manually.

Thanks Oddjob.