Back in November Adobe released its Photoshop apps into the Android Market, letting tablet users edit images and brainstorm ideas without firing up their computers

The Adobe Touch Apps are a family of six "intuitive touch-screen applications, inspired by Adobe Creative Suite software, to bring professional-level creativity to tablet users". The six new apps are: Photoshop Touch, Adobe Collage, Adobe Debut, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler, and Adobe Proto.

Here, we take Photoshop Touch through its paces to see if it is worth its hefty fee - it's almost seven quid for Pete's sake.

Android (3.1+)
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Okay, so £6.99 isn't a great deal of money. But in the crazy world of apps, anything above a fiver is always going to be treated with that sharp intake of air that a plumber makes when looking at your leaking pipe.

But, given that Adobe Photoshop Touch is essentially a scaled down, tablet friendly, version of the popular software that people don't seem too bothered about forking out quite a great deal more money for, it's well worth a trial run at least.

Sure, there are other photo editing apps in the Android Market, some of which won't even cost you a penny - but none have that Photoshop feel and the tools that you've now become accustomed too for knocking up "hilarious" pictures of your pals in situations they weren't really in.

app of the day adobe photoshop touch review android  image 2

Tools such as layers, transformations, filtering, curving, selecting and all the other artistic gubbins that you'd expect from an app with the Photoshop name attached to it are present.

One feature that we particularly like is the Scribble Selection tool which allows you to easily select parts of pictures that you want to edit - rather than having to carefully manoeuvre an outline. The merge tool also allows for some funky image manipulation and you can also add live content to your images using the camera fill feature.

Unlike your desktop version though, Photoshop Touch isn't really interested in taking on huge files or RAW data straight from your DSLR camera. It is designed, as a tablet app should be, firmly with the web in mind. It is able to pull a photo from Google Images, Picasa, Facebook, your device's gallery, or the Creative Cloud - which is Adobe's storage portal for all of its apps and software.

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You are limited to a maximum resolution of 1600x1600 but, as we said earlier, the app has the web in mind and this should be plenty to satisfy your social networking and image sharing needs. You're also able to share images easily from within the app with a simple tap of a virtual button.

At £6.99 it may be relatively expensive for an Android photo editing app - but it's the best one that we've come across and it really does feel as if you're on board with Photoshop when using it. It is available now.