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(Pocket-lint) - Adobe is continuing to venture into the interesting world of apps with a new range of software for Android Honeycomb tablets, allowing them to work on photos away from their computer.

The lead app in the new suite is Photoshop Touch which is, as the name suggests, a touchscreen version of Photoshop; this allows you to edit images on the go, before connecting your tablet to Photoshop on your Mac or PC in order to continue working.

And Pocket-lint was given access to it, ahead of its official release, at a recent behind closed doors Adobe event in London.

Comprehensive is the best way to describe the app, and it will cost just $9.99 (£6.26) when it is released onto the Android Market before the end of the year.

Users will be able manipulate layers, use a variety of selection tools, filter brushes, as well as adjust tone and colour at the touch of the screen, just like they can on the desktop version of the company’s popular software. 

Pocket-lintadobe photoshop touch for android pictures and hands on image 11

In our demo, our man from Adobe grabbed two images, cut one out, placed it on top of the other using layers, before saving it as a complete picture. He was then able to add a number of further effects before we told him we thought he had gone a bit far.

Although the end result was a bit rough around the edges, it showed us that, for many, Photoshop Touch will be more than enough when it comes to editing your images, and is probably on par with the company’s entry-level computer software Photoshop Elements.

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The downside to that level of depth is that the interface looks rather complicated, and will involve you mastering a number of tools to get the most of out of the app. This isn’t the Instagram approach to digital editing, for example. 

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However, for many, that's be a good thing. It certainly gives you a lot more control over how you edit and what you can do with your images.

If you imagine that the Instagram approach of pre-set filters is a compact camera, Photoshop Touch is a full range DSLR.

But don’t fret, those looking for those array of effects will still be able to find them. Everything from "drop shadow" to artistic effects that will make you look like you painted your photo are available.

Photoshop Touch is due out soon.

Writing by Stuart Miles.