Adobe has shown off a possible future of Adobe Photoshop on the tablet at a behind closed doors event in London on Thursday.

The new app, which is so early in the build process, Adobe are calling it an anti-release, will allow photo fans to edit an image on the fly using an array of gestures with their fingers without having to worry about using an interface or toolbars.

“What would the tablet interface be like if we didn’t think about the interface?” asked Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Senior Product Manager at Adobe on the Photoshop team, showing Pocket-lint the new information.

Users will be able to instantly change and edit pictures adding textures, filters, as well as managing colours and saturation.

The demo was shown on an iPad 2 and with a series of images on the device.

“The app taps in directly to the device itself, showing you different looks to your images in real time all controlled by your finger.”

The idea is that users can directly edit pictures by interacting with it rather than having to interact with a series of interfaces as they do in Photoshop or the majority of rivals at the moment.

O'Neil Hughes showed how it could instantly change the image’s colour by scrolling his finger over a colour wheel.

“We are editing the actual image, not a thumbnail image,” O'Neil Hughes stressed as he tried to show off the possible power of the app.

Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos or video of the new app, and even more frustrating Adobe has refused to say when it will be launched.

What it does show however is that Adobe is planning on more exciting things for its Photoshop apps in the future.

We will keep you posted.